The Process Behind

Our Ingredients

Exceptional taste and smoothness can only be crafted through the use of excellent, wholesome ingredients.

The Coffee

The richness of the coffee taste comes exclusively from cold brew coffee. Using a blend of coffee beans meticulously sourced from 4 Central and South American countries and small-batch roasted in Canada, we have perfected our brewing process to create a coffee that is ideal for blending with our whisky.
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The Whisky

Our whisky is blended and matured specifically to meld with coffee. It is created with a base of perfectly aged Canadian whiskies made from a combination of rye, rye malt, barley malt and corn. It exhibits rich oak and spicy rye characters, which beautifully enhance and compliment the coffee.
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Our Process

It took over two years to perfect the process behind Kavi Reserve. We wanted to ensure that we had perfected the blending, maturing, brewing and marrying process before sharing Kavi Reserve with others. We are confident that we have truly found the best way to bring coffee and whisky together.